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Transforming Gas Station Security with AxxonSoft’s AI-Powered VSaaS Solution

The hybrid VSaaS solution comprises 2,000+ cameras and employs edge and cloud-based AI video analytics, providing convenient remote surveillance and real-time threat prevention for modern gas stations.


In Jiangsu Province, China, a network of over 150 gas stations is managed by an enterprise. These stations faced an efficiency challenge due to the absence of centralized security management at their headquarters. Furthermore, the existing video surveillance systems at the gas stations were basic and lack advanced AI capabilities to proactively address potential threats.


The gas stations in Jiangsu Province, China, faced several challenges related to energy security and operational efficiency.

The absence of centralized security management made it difficult to monitor and manage security across all the gas stations. The existing video surveillance systems lacked advanced AI capabilities, making it challenging to proactively identify and respond to potential security threats. Additionally, the lack of remote access to CCTV footage made it difficult for the management team to monitor the gas stations from anywhere, limiting their ability to respond to security events promptly. Slow data transfer speeds, inadequate reporting, and limited scalability were other challenges that made it difficult for the gas stations to ensure the safety and security of their assets, employees, and customers.

To address these challenges, the gas stations needed a comprehensive energy security solution that would provide advanced AI video analytics, real-time threat prevention, and centralized management.

Axxon One VMS/Axxon VSaaS Datacenter

Jiangsu Gas Stations

Features & Analytics
Real-time alarm notification, AI LPR/ANPR, vehicle counting, facial recognition, ACFA integration


To address these challenges, the Axxon VSaaS Datacenter cloud solution was implemented to provide convenient remote surveillance for modern gas stations. Additionally, an Axxon One server was installed at each of the 150+ gas stations. This allowed for the connection of all the gas stations, which collectively had around 10 to 20 cameras per station, resulting in a network of approximately 2,200 cameras in total.

With advanced AI capabilities, the system provided proactive oil and gas security systems that helped identify potential threats and respond to them in real time. The solution also offered comprehensive reporting and analytics, making it an ideal choice for companies looking to improve security systems.

AI technology was deployed at each gas station to enable real-time alarm notifications for various security events and data collection for reporting, including perimeter intrusion, face detection, vehicle count, and license plate recognition (LPR).

Results and Benefits

With the implementation of the Axxon VSaaS Datacenter hybrid cloud solution, significant improvements and benefits were realized.

By implementing the Axxon VSaaS Datacenter solution, the gas stations were able to enhance theirsecurity measures, improve operational efficiency, and ensure the safety and security of their assets, employees, and customers.

  • Enhanced Accessibility: The solution made it possible for the user to access CCTV footage from anywhere at any time through a mobile device. This accessibility greatly improves the convenience of monitoring the gas stations.
  • Faster Speed: The transition to the Axxon VSaaS solution resulted in faster data transfer speeds, ensuring that real-time surveillance and data retrieval are much more efficient.
  • Improved Video Viewing Experience: Users experience a substantial improvement in the quality of video footage, enhancing their ability to analyze and respond to events accurately.
  • Active Prevention: The AI analytics running in the cloud and at the edge provides active prevention measures, alerting users to potential security events in real time. This proactive approach significantly improves the overall security of the gas stations.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: The cloud-based AI system generates comprehensive reports on various events, offering valuable insights and data for the company’s operations and security management.

The implementation of the Axxon VSaaS Datacenter solution at Jiangsu Province’s gas stations enhanced energy security and improved the efficiency of their operations. With advanced AI analytics and cloud-based accessibility, the gas stations are now better equipped to respond to potential security events and optimize their business processes.

Axxon VSaaS Datacenter is a leading choice for businesses seeking advanced security measures. The system’s real-time alarm notifications, AI LPR/ANPR and facial recognition capabilities make it an ideal choice for companies looking to enhance their security surveillance and protect their assets.

Now, with the Axxon VSaaS solution, I can access CCTV from anywhere at any time on my phone with faster speed and a much better video viewing experience. In addition, AI analytics provides us with active prevention on potential events and generates comprehensive reports for the company,

Gas stations Operation & Security Director