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AxxonSoft PSIM-powered protection installed by Nuuxe Radioton at Balticon transport terminal in Poland

Major Polish freight hauler Balticon S.A. has deployed an AxxonSoft-powered security system to control incoming/outgoing transport at its central warehouse. 

Balticon S.A. is a Polish transportation company with an extensive network of depots throughout the country. Starting with one depot in 1991, the company has grown into a market leader in rental and resale of containers, with an enormous fleet of trucks. Balticon’s business is thriving on European roads as well as railways. It is the sole depot company to operate at every container terminal in Poland. Such success required commitment to meeting client needs and using the most innovative technologies. So naturally the company was a perfect match for AxxonSoft.


Our local partner, Nuuxe Radioton sp. z o.o., is a leader in low current installations. The company’s two-decade history started with communication radios, gradually branching out into design and deployment of CCTV installations, access control, intrusion alarms, and fire detection and suppression. Thanks to this wide-ranging experience in all types of low current systems, Nuuxe Radioton is able to exploit the most advanced features of the AxxonSoft PSIM platform to create deeply integrated monitoring systems.


At the heart of every transportation company are its logistics terminals. Products – the company’s lifeblood – all flow through these important facilities. Any delay or hitch can ripple throughout the entire network. Balticon’s facility in Gdynia operates 24 hours a day to accept incoming containers and release outgoing ones.


The video surveillance system was designed to minimize truck idle time during security verification. When a truck arrives, PSIM checks the license plate number against the list of expected vehicles and determines whether the truck is carrying a container. If both conditions are met, PSIM reads the container’s ID number and verifies whether the container is expected. If all these match the database records, the truck is allowed to enter. When there is no container on a truck, entrance is allowed only if it has been scheduled for pickup.

This process does not require involvement by staff: they are alerted only if the container/truck IDs do not match the database. The same verification process occurs upon departure from the depot. As another side benefit, a separate set of cameras examines the state of incoming containers. So in case of a container defect, it is easy to determine whether the damage occurred at the depot.



Two gates were built, at the entrance and exit, with three ARH cameras each. One camera is tasked with recognizing license plates and the other two, mounted to the left and right of the gate, read container codes for identification of every container that comes through. Three separate JVC cameras installed by the gate record container condition. These cameras are activated when a truck passes over an induction loop built into the driveway. To ensure full video capability even in low lighting conditions, four additional illuminators were installed. Communication with drivers is implemented via signal lights placed at every gate.


The new PSIM-based surveillance system has enabled Balticon to slash truck idle time during container pickup/delivery by over 50%. This enormous improvement far surpassed our client’s expectations. In addition to saving time, the system also automates routine tasks and minimizes the risk of costly human errors. Today Balticon has an advanced facility that is capable of handling new, complicated tasks with unmatched efficiency and reliability.

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"We are not interested in partnering with any other security software vendor. There is nothing better than Axxon PSIM. We are all fans of the product."

Jorge del Fresno, WAF (AxxonSoft Partner - Spain)

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