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Ödüller ve Tanıma

Aşagıda akıllı, yenilikçi ürün ve hizmetler için elde ettiğimiz ödüllerimizin birkaçı vardır.

Govies Government Security Award 2013
Axxon Next VMS was awarded in the Video Management Systems category.
Market Share Leadership 2013 award from Frost & Sullivan
AxxonSoft was recognized by American agency Frost & Sullivan for leadership on the Russian market in the Video Management Software category.
Golden Garuda 2012 Award
Golden Garuda Award for the best VMS, AxxonSoft was recognized as the best PSIM developer.
Securuty Buyer Editors Choice 2012 Award
Interactive 3D Map by AxxonSoft has received the Editors choice award from Security Buyer.
Benchmark Recommended (2012)
Benchmark Recommended Status was awarded to Axxon Next in independent testing of VMS solutions.
GIT Security Award 2012 Nominee
Axxon Smart PRO has been chosen to be nominated for the finals of GIT SECURITY AWARD 2012.
AxxonSoft ranked "number one" on the EMEA market according IMS Research 2010 report
According to the IMS Research 2010 World & EMEA Market for CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment report, AxxonSoft claimed first place in Europe among suppliers of software for open-platform network video surveillance systems.
Bronze Award in High-Tech Products and Services
Axxon Enterprise integrated security system. EFFIE / THE BEST BRAND 2006 Contest.
For Strengthening Security in Russia
Axxon (formerly ITV) awarded the ZUBR-2006 National Security Award – 2006, Russia. This award is the highest security public award in Russia. Gold and bronze medals, diplomas and the ZUBR statuette were also presented to Axxon.
First Prize for Innovation, Research, and New Technologies
Axxon (formerly ITV) awarded first prize in the World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technologies EUREKA! – 2005, Brussels.
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