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This page lists latest AxxonSoft software releases. Earlier versions are available for download at Archive page.

Axxon Intellect 4.11.2

Installer Download Documentation Release notes
Axxon Intellect Enterprise 4.11.2. Base version 2.4 Gb
Axxon Intellect Enterprise 4.11.2. Complex version with modules 9.1 Gb

Hotfixes for current release versions

Language pack (for Intellect Base) 283 Mb

Face-Intellect 8.0 2.6 Gb
Auto-Intellect 5.6 2.1 Gb
POS-Intellect 5.4 84.3 Mb
Detector Pack 2.7 834 Mb
WEB-reports 3.4 65 Mb
Analytic Pack 3.4 264 Mb
AxxonPlayer portable 2.4 20.3 Mb
AxxonPlayer portable x64 2.4 22.2 Mb
SDK VisionLabs 4.2.0 2.9 Gb

SDK STC 4.6.1 3.4 Gb

Access Control and Fire Alarm Module 6.8 579 MB
Language Pack for ACFA-Intellect 6.8 36.3 MB

ATM-Intellect 12.0 179 MB
Monitoring 12.0 141 MB
Read Hardware codes Utility (portable) 12.9 Mb
Auto-Intellect recognition engines
Carmen ACCR-7.3.2 22.2 MB
Carmen ACCR-7.3.1182 MB
Carmen Freeflow 7.3.1-21 193 MB
Carmen Freeflow 7.3.1 217 MB
Arabic Engine v. MB
Central Asian Engine v. 8.3331.7 MB
Central American Engine v. 8.29 26.4 MB
China Engine v. MB
East Asian Engine v. 32.8 MB
European Engine v. 8.39 73.6 MB
Japanese Engine v. 19.3 MB
Korean Engine v. 21.9 MB
Latin Symbol Engine v. 16.7 MB
Nepal Engine v. 70.4 MB
North African Engine v. 8.41 39 MB
North American Engine (USA/Canada/Mexico) v. 132 MB
Pakistan Engine v. 31 MB
South African Republic Engine v. 31.8 MB
South American Engine v. 28.8 MB
South Asian Engine v. 44.9 MB
IntLab Container Code Recognition Engine v., 64-bit system (Auto-Intellect 5.5 is required) 75.3 MB
Container Code Recognition Engine v. 47.3 MB
ARH Railroad Wagon Code Recognition Engine v. 13.3 MB
IntLab Railroad Wagon Code Recognition Engine v., 32-bit system (Auto-Intellect 5.4 is required) 50.9 MB
IntLab Railroad Wagon Code Recognition Engine v., 64-bit system (Auto-Intellect 5.4 is required) 67.8 MB
IntLab Railroad Wagon Code Recognition Engine v.4.0, 32-bit system (Auto-Intellect 5.2 or 5.3, is required) 42.1 MB
Hazard Identification Number Recognition Engine (ADR) v. 23.5 MB