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Product Training Programs

AxxonSoft Certified Professional

This seminar is primarily intended for specialists from partner companies that have acquired a demo package.
Seminar objectives:

This seminar is the first step toward understanding system operation and its further independent study.

Regional Sales Training

This seminar is primarily intended for company executives, general managers, sales managers.

Training program:

The training is essential for understanding the AxxonSoft product line, the features and advantages of the products, and their unique selling points. The training includes detailed study of each item on the price list as well as drawing up quotations for AxxonSoft solutions.

Axxon Next certification program

This seminar is intended for a wide range of specialists from partner companies working with medium- and large-sized facilities.
Seminar objectives:

This seminar will help you acquire the basic skills and knowledge necessary to work with the Axxon Next.

Axxon Intellect Enterprise Vertical modules certification programs (one-day trainings)

These seminars consist of the following parts:

JavaScript in Axxon Intellect Enterprise certification program

Course program:

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