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Intellect-based security and monitoring system installed at Eurochamp, Spain


Eurochamp, a Spanish company, supplies fresh artificially grown mushrooms (primarily champignons) to the market. Eurogroup cooperates with a group of partners who supply its products.


All mushrooms that arrive from these partners are classified by quality and the suppliers are paid correspondingly. But sometimes it happens that the suppliers do not agree with the prices offered. This became an enormous headache for Eurochamp, since the company had no way to double-check what a supplier was saying.

Project Aim

The company needed a solution for monitoring and recording product quality, checking it against the information received from suppliers. Thus the client chose a system based on AxxonSoft's open Intellect software platform, which was integrated with Brickcom IP cameras. The installer was WAF, a longstanding AxxonSoft partner in Spain.

Description of solutions

Intellect-based security and monitoring system installed at Eurochamp, SpainTo make the process of quality assessment for mushrooms as objective and transparent as possible, the evaluation procedure was redesigned. Previously, Eurochamp employees inspected the products without any clear instructions. New rules now took force: all actions were made in accordance with a defined protocol. The product was now weighed, after which a sample was taken for evaluation. The sample was placed in a special facility with video cameras, which recorded careful study of the mushrooms by Eurochamp employees. Two 5-megapixel IP cameras with different angles of view and another camera directly above the work table allowed capturing all of the process details. A total of three servers, three remote workstations, and 17 cameras were installed.

Visual tags for digital tracking were introduced into Eurochamp's inventory and evaluation system: now all products were given a barcode with all information about the product. The video surveillance system gained search support, so any supplier could view the evaluation process for its products and compare the actual results to the supplier's statements.


Thanks to introduction of an Intellect-based security and monitoring system, Eurochamp was able to substantially upgrade its quality evaluation system, smooth its supplier relationships, and make its tracking and pricing more transparent.

About the partner

WAF Digital Structures is a leading developer of security solutions that combines "physical" intelligent video surveillance, and a business structure to integrate vertical and horizontal solutions. Currently, WAF solutions help institutions, governments and businesses of all sizes to protect their people and facilities, to prevent loss and damage, and improve the efficiency of their business at the same time.

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"Axxon Enterprise made the case for increased ROI easy. When we implemented it in a retail setting, we were able to show the client that security personnel numbers could be reduced. This led directly to cost reductions and a higher return on investment."
Antonio Klodzinski, Commercial Director MultiSystems (Axxon Partner - Brazil)
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