The safety of the Axion Energy oil company’s goods and equipment is provided by the Axxon Next VMS
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The safety of the Axion Energy oil company’s goods and equipment is provided by the Axxon Next VMS

The Axxon Next VMS is installed on thirteen sites of the Axion Energy Argentina oil and gas company, which manufactures products under the Mobil brand.


Axion Energy Argentina S.A. is a refiner of oil and gas products with customers in Argentina and internationally. The company manufactures lubricants, coolants, and more under the Mobil brand. Dealers distribute the company's products for automotive, aviation, marine, industry, agriculture, and other industries.

Axion Energy operates an extensive chain of oil service stations in Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Each station offers motorists the company's high-quality fuel and express oil changes.


Products and station equipment often went missing at Axion Energy service stations. Lack of video surveillance and other security measures prevented staff from determining the exact time of theft. This made it impossible to catch the perpetrators and head off future such incidents.


To counter these problems, the client installed the Axxon Next video management software (VMS) from AxxonSoft at twelve stations and at the refinery in Buenos Aires. Decisive factors in the client's choice were local technical support and the reputation of Axxon Next as stable, reliable, and intuitively designed software. AxxonSoft performed a thorough analysis to quickly understand the client's needs, offering assistance with system design. As a result, the client received full technical and consultation support for setting up and operating the system.

Axxon Next is installed on 13 servers, providing ample capacity for non-stop collection and analysis of data from 224 cameras. Monitoring of all stations is performed at the local level. In addition, a central monitoring hub can connect remotely to any of the stations. On average, the stations protected by Axxon Next cover an area of approximately 800 square meters each.


Thanks to installation of Axxon Next VMS at the company's oil service stations, Axion Energy was successful in documenting theft of products and equipment. This new video evidence helped to prevent recurrences. Station-wide security, covering both the building and adjacent area, was the key to finally capping theft-related losses. Axion Energy staff report no issues with Axxon Next and are delighted with a system that has consistently met all of the company's needs.

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"Axxon Intellect Enterprise made the case for increased ROI easy. When we implemented it in a retail setting, we were able to show the client that security personnel numbers could be reduced. This led directly to cost reductions and a higher return on investment."

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