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AxxonSoft PSIM protecting the Madrid Stock Exchange

For over four years now, the AxxonSoft PSIM has protected the Madrid Stock Exchange effectively and reliably. With ongoing modernization of the Exchange's video security infrastructure, even more exciting PSIM-enabled capabilities are in store. 


The Madrid Stock Exchange (Bolsa de Madrid) is owned by Bolsas y Mercados Espaсoles (BME). Here, at the largest of Spain's four stock exchanges, traders buy and sell stocks, convertible bonds, and fixed income securities. The Exchange bustles with international activity. Its IBEX 35 index is the barometer of the Spanish stock market, reflecting the share prices of Spain's 35 most liquid companies.

Since 1893, the Exchange has been located in El Palacio de la Bolsa de Madrid, which is both a business center and an architectural landmark in its own right. This "temple of capitalism" boasts a neoclassical style consonant with other Madrid palaces of its day. The Madrid Stock Exchange has always attracted the curiosity of the public.

Seminars, congresses, award ceremonies, dinners, press conferences, and exhibitions are held in the trading hall. Other halls, equipped with the latest audiovisual technologies, are used as well.


Stock exchanges are at the heart of the action in finance today. Video surveillance is particularly critical at these sites, which is why modernization of the surveillance system was started in 2010. The MSE security department decided to migrate from obsolete, underperforming video hardware to a modern system designed to make employees more efficient.

Competitive software trials convinced the client to choose Axxon PSIM, developed by AxxonSoft.

Why did you choose Axxon PSIM?

"When we saw the presentation for Axxon PSIM, we immediately grasped how easy it is to use. Compatibility was a major factor as well: Axxon PSIM includes support for a very long (and still growing) list of hardware, support for hybrid CCTV/IP networks, and access control integration. We were impressed by the policy of free updates, which lets us run the latest and greatest while supporting almost any modern IP hardware. The distributed architecture is important for us, since it allows all our units and offices to access the system remotely."

What have been the benefits of Axxon PSIM?

"Ease of operation, I have to say. Another plus is the ease and flexibility of configuration. We can adapt the product to new tasks almost instantly as they come up. With other products, we simply would not have that kind of ability or the capacity to make use of it. Technical support has been simply outstanding. We have always received assistance when necessary to get the job done. We are very happy with Axxon PSIM overall. So when it came to decide about replacing a system at one of our offices, we choose PSIM again without a second thought,"

— Emilio Dуlera Crespo, Equipment Lead, BME Security Department

The project for expanding the security system was assigned to AFELSA SISTEMAS Y SERVICIOS, S.L. CCTV cameras were connected via Axis coders, providing complete coverage both inside and around the perimeter of the building.

"Axis offers a wide range of hybrid solutions that help our clients to integrate existing analog equipment into new IP systems. This reduces capital outlays, allows integrating with other security systems, and removes limitation caps, thanks to software such as Axxon PSIM,"

— Mario Gutierrez, Communications Manager, Press Center, Axis Communications Iberia

After three years of system use, in 2013 it became necessary to "globalize" the BME video surveillance system, bridging the 30-kilometer gap between the Exchange building and the operations headquarters in Las Rozas.



The old equipment at headquarters was replaced with servers running Axxon PSIM. The headquarters and exchange systems were merged to create a unified surveillance system. This merger accomplished several goals:

  • Simplify and standardize security workstations
  • Allow intensified visual monitoring of critical areas
  • Improve system manageability and scalability
  • Streamline maintenance

The system currently spans around 160 cameras, four video servers, and four remote workstations with support for simultaneous side-by-side video display. Cross-monitoring is performed during selected hours. Several customizations were made for this purpose:

  • Personal panel for managing audio alerts on each camera was added.
  • Script for monitor use by operator. An operator can pin cameras from main monitors to his or her own workstation.

Macro scripts allow adapting Axxon PSIM to the needs of operators.

"...Support from AxxonSoft on this project has been exceptional. Both AFELSA and the client knew that we could call upon AxxonSoft at any time for technical support. And when we did, their deep technical knowledge and great attitude saved the day,"

— Fernando Lуpez Suárez, AFELSA SISTEMAS Y SERVICIOS Technical Director


The new security system at the Madrid Stock Exchange performs 24-hour video surveillance without marring the beauty or majesty of the historic building.

Next steps

AxxonSoft specialists are now contributing to work on the second phase of the project, which involves connecting the Madrid and Valencia exchanges. Collaboration with MSE is set to continue for years to come.

Our partners

Axis is a world leader in IP technology, standing at the cutting edge of the CCTV-to-digital migration. This commitment has promoted video analytics and strengthened security worldwide. Axis offers professional IP-based solutions that leverage products and ideas built on open technology platforms. The company's client base includes major transnationals as well as small to mid-sized businesses. Solutions and products from Axis help clients to optimize their business processes. Based in Sweden, Axis has a worldwide presence thanks to its numerous regional offices and robust partner network.

AFELSA SISTEMAS Y SERVICIOS, S.L. designs, installs, and services surveillance, access control, and electrical/telecom systems. The company is a licensed installer of low-voltage electrical systems. Formed on 1 January 2014, AFELSA SISTEMAS Y SERVICIOS was created in response to client and vendor expansion needs. Highly skilled professionals in diverse areas have 10 years of experience with security, electrical, and telecom projects. The AFELSA SISTEMAS Y SERVICIOS client portfolio includes both private businesses and government structures such as BME, the Spanish National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA), and more.

Additional useful information

"Axxon PSIM made the case for increased ROI easy. When we implemented it in a retail setting, we were able to show the client that security personnel numbers could be reduced. This led directly to cost reductions and a higher return on investment."

Antonio Klodzinski, Commercial Director, MultiSystems (AxxonSoft Partner - Brazil)

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