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The GreenStream feature saves bandwidth and client CPU resources. It automatically chooses a video stream from a camera to the server, and then to the client, depending on the resolution at which the video is currently displayed on the client.

Green Stream

Many modern IP cameras are capable of multistreaming. The streams can be of different resolutions and frame rates, or even be compressed in different codecs. At the same time, remote monitoring workstations do not always show camera feeds at full resolution. If a monitoring screen has a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels and it has a 4x3 camera layout, the resolution of each camera as displayed is only 480x360 pixels. So there is no need to burden the network by transmitting all these camera streams at full resolution and then consume CPU resources by decoding the video and rescaling it to fit the 480x360 size.

GreenStream automatically chooses the stream with the smallest resolution that exceeds the resolution of the video on the client screen. And if the user decides to enlarge the camera feed to full screen, a high-resolution stream is automatically selected instead. In addition, you can lock the stream that is transmitted to the client; the stream will not be changed if there are changes in image quality. For example you can choose a "lighter" stream when bandwidth is limited.

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