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Technical Assistance

AxxonSoft provides free technical support to company's partners and software end-users. Registration and tracking of all requests is made through a special interface https://support.axxonsoft.com/.

To submit a request to our support team, please follow these simple steps:

Our support team will get back to you quickly after you submit your request. For more information on using the web support system, please refer to the help guide. If remote access is required, please use the following tool.

AxxonSoft also provides English-language technical support to its clients and partners. The phone number for reaching technical support is +44 (0) 114 299 9239. To obtain information in English, press "2" on your touch-tone phone and wait for the first available specialist. You can reach us from 9 am to 6 pm (UTC + 3). Technical support by phone is provided free of charge.

NOTE! The free version of Axxon Next is not eligible for technical support. However, assistance is offered to all current and potential users regarding HW platform requirements. Please click here to get information about where to buy our products.

Additional useful information