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AxxonSoft took part in Hikvision's "Shaping Intelligence" AI Cloud World Summit


Organized by Hikvision, the 2018 AI Cloud World Summit was successfully held at Hangzhou International Expo Centre from March 3031.

Over 2,000 participants attended the summit, including industry experts and scholars, as well as Hikvision partners including Microsoft, Intel, Milestone Systems and AxxonSoft. Attendees and presenters explored trends in AI development, its real-world applications, and opportunities for AI-related partner cooperation in global markets.

Hikvision introduced AI Cloud in October 2017 at the China Public Security Expo in Shenzhen. AI Cloud is a development concept born out of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) era. It is a three-layered architecture that incorporates cloud and edge computing to provide multi-dimensional perception and front-end processing at Edge Nodes, and then process data in real-time and converged to Edge Domains for intelligent applications and create new data, and further converge on-demand data to the Cloud Center for big data analysis.

Hikvision was honored to have three of its strategic partners Intel, Milestone Systems, and AxxonSoft give keynote speeches in a summit session about mutual partnership and how AI changes partner ecosystems.

"AI is a real game changer for video surveillance. What seemed like science fiction yesterday is becoming reality right before our eyes. But the main deterrent to using video analytics is the expensive hardware needed for resource-intensive calculations. And I am excited that Hikvision is taking this problem seriously by incorporating edge and cloud computing to make intelligent video surveillance attainable for users everywhere. I would like to thank Hikvision for this honor and for the excellent opportunity to participate in this fundamental conference devoted to the primary tech trend in modern video surveillance,"

Murat Altuev, CEO of AxxonSoft.

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