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IT Zone

Address:  14th floor, Central Tower | 2 Sukhbaatar square, Sukhbaatar district-8
Ulaanbaatar 210620a, Mongolia
Telefon: +976-11-323705
Fax: +976-11-312699

ITZone was founded in 1997 as a subsidiary of MCS Group with the objective to provide sales and services of computer equipment and peripherals to all levels of consumers. Today, the company is a leading national company with 30% market share of the domestic information technology market.

Dedicated to our mission of "Building a better life through innovative ICT solutions", we are working to provide ICT products and services ranging from everyday solutions to advanced technological solutions.

Over 70% of ITZone’ 250 employees are trained engineers. 35% percent of our engineers are certified by reputable international corporations that include Microsoft, Dell, Oracle, Canon, Samsung and HP.

From 2005, ITZone has shifted its focus from importing to manufacturing, innovation and supply of high-quality national ICT solutions to our clients. These projects include the Mogul computer factory, "Erdmiin Tulkhuur" e-School management system, "Green ERP" Enterprise Resource Planning system and industrial and mining automation solutions.

ITZone operates in the following four main sectors:

  • System Integration
  • Software Development
  • Computer and Business Equipment
  • IT Services

In 2012, the company generated revenues of 47.2 billion Mongolian Tugriks. ITZone LLC is leading the IT sector to develop the advanced technology industry, the main growth catalyst for countries around the world.

Sectech service LLC

Address:  24/18 Partisan street, 50000, Sukhbaatar district
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Telefon: 976 77316864; 976-77416864; 99096216; 99009171
Fax: 976-11316864

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