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How to build a security and video surveillance system with the Axxon PSIM

Workshop program

Participants will:

  • Learn about the AxxonSoft line-up of security products.
  • Explore new features and cutting-edge R D.
  • See demonstrations of the Axxon PSIM platform.
  • Gain the necessary knowledge and skills for setting up and working with the system through case studies and hands-on experience.


This workshop is the first step to understanding how PSIM and VMS systems work, as a foundation for further independent learning.

Contents of the workshop

Day 1:


  • Overview of the sections on the official AxxonSoft website.
  • How the Platform Calculator works.
  • Decoding the activation key on the sale.axxonsoft.com page.

Installing, uninstalling and updating the Axxon PSIM

  • Contents of the Axxon PSIM distribution kit.
  • How to install.
  • The key system file.
  • Updating the Axxon PSIM.
  • Uninstalling the Axxon PSIM.
  • Contents of the installed software.

Starting and shutting down Axxon PSIM

  • How to launch/quit Axxon PSIM.
  • Possible problems when starting Axxon PSIM and how to solve them.

Axxon PSIM main menu

  • Overview of all hardware available for the basic version of Axxon PSIM.

Day 2:

  • Configuring the Computer object.
  • Using the IP Device Discovery Wizard to configure IP devices.
  • Configuring video card and camera objects.
  • Configuring the main detection tool and zones.
  • Configuring VMDA tracking and detection tools.
  • Creating and configuring a metadata DB.
  • Customizing all available interfaces.

Day 3:

  • Settings on the Programming tab (general settings, script and macro events, macros).
  • All available utilities (from the tools directory).
  • Settings on the Architecture tab.
  • User settings.
  • Certification test with a final score for awarding the certificate.

Workshop format and schedule

The workshop links theory and practical application together. During the practical sessions, participants independently complete assignments on a given topic.

Duration: 3 days (23 academic hours).