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Ready for a new level of physical security? We've got over 500 partners worldwide ready to help you get there – quickly, easily, and profitably.


Dirección:  Les jardins du phare, 4 angle rue Tantan et la voie d’amenagement AM.20
Bourgogne, Casablanca
Teléfono: 00212 5 22 95 00 01
Fax: 00212 5 22 95 00 02

Leader in Moroccan market as a distributor of electronic security systems especially CCTV system with software for advanced analysis Newmatic collaborate jointly with international companies leaders in the field of the electronic security. Our objective is to put at the disposal of our customers a broad product range answering the technological survey.


Dirección:  Shore 12, Casanearshore 1100 BD EL QODS , SIDI MAAROUF
Casablanca 20 270

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