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AxxonSoft Menadžment

Murat Altuev Murat Altuev
Board Member and President

Murat Altuev graduated from the Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology in 1996 with an M.S. in Computer Science. He began his career as a digital video surveillance programmer, the fastest growing and most innovative area of security technology development at that time. In 2003 he assembled the industry's most influential security software experts – leaders who had been around since the birth of the field – and formed Axxon. With such a strong foundation, the company quickly became the industry's leading security software solution developer.

Axxon Enterprise, the universal IP-based security management platform, was born under Murat's direction and quickly grew to become Axxon's key offering. His leadership also saw the development of other advanced technologies, such as FrameMerge, MomentQuest, and Motion Wavelet. His commitment to innovation keeps Axxon employees inspired and challenged, and he credits them with the company's success.

Currently, Murat is focused on directing Axxon's technological development research and strategy, and business development.

Khazrat Kokov Khazrat Kokov
Chief Operating Officer

Graduated from Kabardino-Balkarian State University in 2000 with a degree in economics and in 2001 with a Law degree. During 2002 – 2003, completed a professional training course for appraisers at the International University in Moscow in "Enterprise (Business) Valuation". Began his professional career in 1998.

Starting in February 2001, worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria as the chief specialist of international business relations. In December 2002, became the head of finance department of the Moscow company "ARMI Group" (Management of health industry enterprises). Since October 2004, he headed the group of project managers of Imbera Management Company (projects in the machine-building and forestry industries). In August 2006, he transferred to GAZ Group Management Company - Russia's largest automobile manufacturer holding firm. As the head of the Project Department of the Spetstechnika (Specialized Equipment) Division, managed the division’s portfolio of investment projects and analyzed the companies being acquired.

Joined AxxonSoft in 2007. The scope of Khazrat Kokov’s responsibility includes overall operational management of all company divisions, as well as strategic projects.

Alan Ataev Alan Ataev
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Alan has over 11 years of exclusive video & security experience, directing and establishing as many as 26 offices worldwide and has an extensive knowledge and understanding in all aspects of artificial Intelligence, financial forecasting, digital marketing and sales management, market analysis studies, CRM systems, effective management information systems.

Alan has held various positions such as; Regional Sales Director, Sales Manager, Product Trainer for AxxonSoft Singapore, Asia after becoming a part of AxxonSoft since 2008.

He has been leading Global Sales since 2012 at AxxonSoft with operation in Fremont, CA. In 2019, Alan was appointed as Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of AxxonSoft. He is an active member of the Security Sales & Integration and Security Industry groups.

Alan graduated with Honors in Applied Economic Informatics, got his executive education in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge and specialized on Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing.

Dmitry Gorbanev Dmitry Gorbanev
Director for Business Development - Southeast Asia

Dmitry graduated from Faculty of Mathematics of the Kabardino-Balkarian State University with a degree in applied mathematics in 1997. Immediately after graduation, began working in the Department of private security at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kabardino-Balkaria in the position of software engineer, having thus commenced his activities in the security area. Dmitry has been working in the Murat Altuev’s team since 2000 and is one of the founding participants of AxxonSoft. Since 2006, he serves as the Technical Director and is responsible for the production of all major products of AxxonSoft. Dmitry managed the Department of Development comprised of software development services, quality control services, office of interaction with customers and partners (second tier technical support), office of international development, and the office of development of documentation and teaching methods. Dmitry received an MBA degree in 2011.

Dmitry has been Director for Business Development in Southeast Asia since fall 2013.

Alexey Mendelev Alexey Mendelev
Director for Business Development - Eastern Europe

A co-founder of AxxonSoft, Alexey graduated from Moscow State Commercial University in Management of Trade Enterprises. He created the Sales Department from the ground up in 2007 and assumed leadership of the Commercial Department. In 2007, he handed off day-to-day management of the department in order to concentrate on strategic growth via regional business expansion. Given the breakneck growth that has been characteristic of AxxonSoft from its very beginning, it has been particularly crucial to maintain high standards for collaboration with every partner. Alexey’s approach exemplifies the strategy of maintaining an individual approach to each partner and their needs, while making sure that the partner network continues to expand and improve.

Currently, Alexey is responsible for opening new offices and developing regional growth strategies in Eastern Europe.

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