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SunHotel choose Axxon Enterprise to provide its security

SunHotel choose Axxon Enterprise to provide its security

SunHotel choose Axxon Enterprise to provide its securitySunHotel, a 4 Star Hotel in Irkutsk, Russia, has deployed Axxon Enterprise integrated security complex to ensure security of its guests and employees. The Vidicon – Security Technologies, Axxon (former ITV) partner, has won a tender on equipping the hotel with security means for video surveillance and access control, installation and setting up security system. The Axxon Enterprise by Axxon (former ITV) with access control and work-time calculation modules was selected for the task.

The video system includes 71 high resolution color cameras that ensure round-the-clock video surveillance over the building perimeter, reception zone, hotel passages, ground floor and other facilities. A total of 25 outside cameras with automatic infrared mode provide day/night high quality video surveillance. Due to the built in web-server, hotel management group got an opportunity to view real-time video footage or archived video from any available camera.

In order to make monitoring process even easier, an “alarm monitor” mode with the sound notification was realized at the object. Upon the activation of the motion detector at the certain time of a day, operator receives voice notification on this event.

Access control system was made on the ACS-221(Vidicon) basis. Integration of the access equipment with Axxon Enterprise software at program level was successfully carried out by Vidicon-ST specialists.

Work time calculation module is installed at the personnel department work place by means of according Axxon Enterprise module. Now, the management group get unique benefit of watching their staff arrival and leaving workplaces that is extremely useful to the administration.

According to the leading specialist of Vidicon-ST “Deployment the Axxon Enterprise with its great capabilities and flexibility allowed us maximally adapt installed system to the specific customer requirements”.

Axxon (former ITV) Technical Support assisted Vidicon installation team in the term of installation and helped solve questions concerned with the superfluous number of cameras used at the object and integration the access control equipment with the Axxon Enterprise software.

As a result, 4 Star SunHotel now has up-to-date and reliable security complex. The management team noted that since SunHotel deployed the Axxon Enterprise, there's been an increase in level of staff discipline and employees are much less rare late for work.

During the first weeks of operation security system Axxon Enterprise and instant access to archived recordings helped to investigate incidents that took place at the hotel. For instance, reviewing the archived video footage helped police officers to investigate causes of the car crash at the hotel parking lot.

According to client the system has exceeded their expectations and become one of most effective managerial tools.