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1,350 cameras went fully operational within a month at the 2018 World Cup stadiums


Within the framework of preparation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, AxxonSoft's tech support customized settings on more than 1,350 video channels at 3 stadiums and at a central monitoring station to meet the Ministry of Internal Affairs' needs through a centralized monitoring system. 5 people launched the system within just 1 month.

AxxonSoft's Intellect software managed a total of 960 video surveillance channels at Samara Arena, Mordovia Arena, and RZD Arena — the latter of which was used as a training base for referees. 250 of those channels employed AxxonSoft's situational video analytics to monitor the stadiums, 41 license plate recognition channels to monitor vehicle traffic, and 9 facial recognition channels to monitor for individuals prohibited from accessing the stadiums. Video monitoring was also integrated with access control, fire and security alarm systems.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs' central monitoring station, powered by AxxonSoft's Intellect PSIM platform, pooled over 390 video channels from all 11 World Cup host cities with video feeds displayed on an interactive map. Videos were streamed from stadiums and surrounding territories, fan zones, and other locations deemed critical from the point of security for participants and guests of the World Cup.

"Start-up was done as part of our full post-installation testing and adjusting services. Our team completed this enormous undertaking within just one month. Along with these services, we provide consultation to partners during post-installation start-up and handle requests to customize the software's application as part of our projects. If a customized feature can be useful for other users, we include it in the development plan,"

said Roman Khristoforov, head of AxxonSoft's Technical Support Department.

The World Cup stadium security project included requests to integrate access control software, as well as develop a screen manager to adaptably manage camera layout and the video wall. These functions were successfully implemented at the World Cup stadiums and will be incorporated in Intellect 4.11.0.

The final stage of the 21st FIFA World Cup took place in Russia from June 14 to July 15, 2018. 32 teams from around the world played 64 matches at 12 stadiums in 11 Russian cities. More than 3 million fans packed stadiums, while tens of millions more followed the action in fan zones and other venues set up for the championship games.

The Intellect PSIM platform was employed in various areas of 10 out of the 12 stadiums where 49 World Cup matches were played. Over 9,000 Intellect-powered video surveillance cameras were used to monitor the security of over 2 million spectators who attended the games. AxxonSoft software was also widely used at training camps, fan zones, transportation infrastructure, and other sites where teams and fans arrived and moved around the country.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino called the 2018 World Cup the best in its history. In addition to commenting on match attendance and television viewership numbers, Infantino gave high praise to the quality of infrastructure and security.