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Technology partners of AxxonSoft

Solutions based on AxxonSoft products are distinguished by their broad functionality and extremely high performance. The security and surveillance system equipment developed by our technology partners plays a crucial role in these solutions. We work with the leading global companies, constantly integrating new models of equipment with diverse applications. This provides our security system installer partners with a wide selection of equipment that provides exactly what the conditions of their facility require within the appropriated budget.

Ampleye is a supplier of surveillance, security and safety cameras providing the revolutionary combination of ultra-high resolution and low-light performance to see everything. Due to the unique high frame rates and advanced trigger mechanisms all suspected events can be caught in a high quality image and video stream.
Antrica are a UK based manufacturer & supplier of specialist hardware video encoders and decoders. Antrica offer an extensive product range featuring products with varied inputs such as HDMI, HD-SDI and CVBS etc. Antrica’s products also conform to ONVIF, 4K, HD standards and can be integrated into approved video management software (VMS) to offer video integration for non IP based video sources.
Anviz Global Inc.
Anviz Global Inc. , a global enterprise based in U.S , is a pioneer in the intelligent security industry, including fields such as, Biometrics, RFID and Surveillance. By continuously innovating our core technology, we are committed to providing customers with the best-quality products along with a full-range of intelligent security solutions. Over the last 11 years we have dedicated ourselves to providing innovative, high quality, cost-effective solutions to our customers in over 100 countries.
Apollo Security

Apollo Security is a United States based developer and manufacturer of access control, alarm and security integration products. The company’s manufacturing and headquarters are in Newport Beach, California with sales and support offices in Prague, Sao Paulo, Singapore and a Middle East Africa office. More than 400 dealers throughout the world sell and support Apollo products. Apollo has been manufacturing products for more than 25 years with installations in more than 70 countries.

Apollo products support access control systems of all sizes, but products are designed to meet the requirements of large high security installations. Advantages of Apollo products are high reliability, and unsurpassed range of features and flexibility. While Apollo provides both hardware and software for complete systems, numerous third party companies interface through their software with internationally recognized Apollo access control and alarm panels.

Apollo products are installed in nuclear generating plants, research facilities, oil and gas facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing sites, universities, hospitals, airports, ports, hi-rise facilities, government and military sites, and major electronic manufacturing sites throughout the world.

Arecont Vision

Arecont Vision is a world leader in the production of high-resolution IP cameras.

Arecont Vision offers a wide range of digital IP cameras (from 2.1 MPix to 8 MPix), panoramic cameras and night-time surveillance cameras.

ARH Inc.

ARH Inc. develops, manufactures and sells intelligent software and devices that process images within the context of security and traffic control.

Our clients are system integration companies who construct outstanding innovative technological systems for their partners by incorporating our state-of-the-art technology.

To date, approximately 2.000 satisfied partners in more than 200 countries worldwide are using the image processing know-how of ARH. Our recognition technologies can be found in every continent, and in countries ranging from Australia to Brazil, and Saudi Arabia to Korea.

We are on the market since 1991, committed to innovation, quality and reliability. All elements our business model converge to build strong partnerships with the purpose of gaining customer satisfaction. We value most the idea of supporting our partners in order for them to develop a successful business.

ARH's business policy is based on three points:

  • Customer Understanding
  • Leading Edge Technology
  • Outstanding Quality Support and Services

Our goal is to understand the needs of our customers and to meet these demands through combining our know-how, expertise and state-of-the art technology with quality support and services.

Arlotto Comnet Inc.

Arlotto Comnet Inc. was established on 1995 at Hsinchu Science Park, a location promoted by Taiwan Government to locate and center technical and engineering resources of the country. With more than 15 year experience in the imaging and network technology, the clear aim and mission of Arlotto Comnet is to research and create advanced network surveillance products. Arlotto Comnet focuses its business in quality surveillance products, promoting brand "Arlotto" and also ODM production for tier one companies in several country like Germany and Japan.


Arxys has been crafting data protection and data analytics solutions for the most demanding organizations for more than 27 years. Our unique Activated Hardware Acceleration technologies deliver enterprise class performance and protection at working class prices.

Asoni Communications

Asoni stands for ‘A+ Solutions Over Network Intelligence’ that is the target we aim for sure.

Asoni Communications has being entirely dedicated in Network Surveillance since founded in 2006. Asoni continually develops the innovative Network video solutions to meet the various market demands and bring the multiple benefits to customers always.

Both headquarter and production facilities are located in Taiwan. Asoni has also built up the strategic partners among Asia, Middle East and Europe. Asoni commits to provide the professional product quality and efficient backup services to all customers throughout the world. Up to date, Asoni is proud to be one of the market brands with the comprehensive product line of the latest technology and smart features in the network video surveillance industry.


Headquartered in California, AVYCON is a global market leader in the video surveillance industry. AVYCON is enabled with innovative technology and solutions, providing high performance and professional security and video surveillance products. AVYCON provides manufacturing and supplying state-of-the-art products and providing beyond exceptional technical support and customer service. AVYCON is confident in the Excellency of its products and services and will continue to advance in the industry by offering incomparable, dependable, and leading-edge products to its customers.