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Partner Certification Process

It's easy to become an Axxon Certified Partner. You can do it in three simple steps:

  1. Apply for Axxon Partner Training through our contact form.
  2. Attend Axxon Partner Training seminar.
    Seminars include both technical and sales training and are held both on-site (at Axxon head office or at Axxon Regional Distributor offices) and online. After you fill out your application, someone from Axxon will contact you with more details about scheduling and participating in our training programs.
  3. Pass the Axxon Partner Certification test.
    Tests are administered on-site by a trainer or remotely via internet. Test scores are calculated right away, so you receive your Axxon Partner Certification immediately upon passing.
  4. Get Axxon Partner Evaluation Kit (Basic Edition).
    Your kit contains everything you need to deploy one of our security systems. Use it for testing, client presentations and demos, trade show and exhibition presentations and demos - even use it as your office security system!