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DynaColor designs and manufactures video surveillance products, including speed dome cameras, megapixel IP cameras, digital video recorders (DVRs), multiplexers, video servers, and keyboard controllers. These products are used in various places, including retail stores, government facilities, schools, city halls, airports, military sites, prisons, parks, streets, banks, shopping malls, stadiums, and a wide range of other medium and high security applications.

DynaColor delivers solutions for small and large applications, from the very simple surveillance task with only a few cameras for small stores and buildings, to large installations with complex networks and needs.

DynaColor is well known in the CRT monitor auto-alignment system and has achieved over 60% of worldwide market share in this field. As the display market shifts toward LCD, DynaColor leverages her long accumulated knowledge in digital image processing in CRT application to develop LCD AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) system. DynaColor provides highly advanced AOI system service and technical support to LCD manufacturers.

DynaColor has established an excellent reputation in the LCD AOI system, a variety of cameras, high speed dome cameras, multiplexers, DVRs, and other CCTV security related products. Quality is controlled at every phase of development and manufacturing, as DynaColor is ISO-9001 certified company since 1998.

Leading technology and market-driven are the keys to DynaColor's success in the highly challenging world. Through focused management and experienced engineering resources, DynaColor has quickly identified, entered, and excelled in each planned product. By working closely with partners, many well known companies worldwide, DynaColor improves technology, process, quality, and product constantly.

It is our goal to become the leading provider of innovative products and a reliable business partner in each targeted segments.

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