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IntelliVision is a leading company in "Intelligent Video Analysis and Automated Monitoring" solutions for security, surveillance and safety markets. IntelliVision is well recognized and fast growing company in this market.  IntelliVision products have been very successful and deployed at several top customers and partners.  IntelliVision has been deploying its solutions about 9 years in this market. IntelliVision is HQ based in SanJose, Silicon Valley, California, with offices in Asia and Europe. List of IntelliVision's customers includes top airports, US and other Govt agencies, Fortune 500 and leading system integrators.IntelliVision is focused on automating video analysis and security alerts, thus enabling real-time response while eliminating the need for manual labor and the huge monitoring costs. IntelliVision offers highly scalable and customizable, embeddable and box solutions integrated into PC, DSP, FPGA and custom chips.
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