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Web:  www.pixeye.eu

PIXEYE Ltd is the only one manufacturer of megapixel IP Cameras in Bulgaria. The company has implemented quality management system ISO 9001, which includes all offered products and services.

Top priority is the excellent quality of the megapixel Cameras Pixeye which is guaranteed by using of the most modern technology solutions and components, as well as precisely control of the manufacturing process.

The structure of PIXEYE Ltd includes own engineer department, manufacturing capacity in the security area and also experienced software team. This allows to offer integrated solutions with high quality. The implementation of the projects follows your business model, which brings to maximal efficiency and achievement of the defined goals.

Product variety of Pixeye includes systems for video and audio control through IP networks, software for videosurveillance and special equipment for control based on GSM GPRS. For cameras company also offer high quality objectives, filters, stands of the lead world manufacturers and other components.

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