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LTV is a trade mark presented in Russia by the company Luis +. LTV is currently presented under the brand of 6 equipment producers, and some of this equipment is made specifically for the promotion of branded LTV. Mark represented in all major subgroups of equipment - lenses, black and white, color and rotating cameras, digital stand-alone and computer-based recorders, monitors, guards.

Southeast Asian electronics market is extremely agile. Manufacturing and trading companies intensely emerge, disappear, absorb each other. Users of equipment with the brand LTV protected from the vicissitudes of an emerging market - they always have to deal with functional and complete set of devices, optimal price / quality ratio. The emergence of branded LTV means that the product was tested and yielded positive results, the certification actually provides service and technical support equipment, set up stocks of products and spare parts, lack of cooperation with the manufacturer regarding maintenance of technical documentation and repair.

The technical department of the company LUIS+ hopes that CCTV equipment brands LTV will provide ultimate consumers with an inexpensive and effective solution to the challenges they faced with, and installers - an effective tool to improve their competitiveness.

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