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Stretch Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company providing software configurable processors for compute-intensive applications. Founded in March 2002, Stretch set out to develop a new processor platform that would meet the demands of compute-intensive embedded systems, while addressing the rising costs and development times associated with technologies traditionally used for performance-hungry applications. Our thinking? Why not combine the flexibility and control of a software solution with the performance advantages of a hardware approach. This effectively eliminates the compromises embedded software designers have to make on performance, time-to-market, and system cost.

Stretch's latest family of processors, the S7000 series, was designed specifically for high speed video and image processing. With these applications in mind, Stretch has developed several reference design kits including PCIe Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and both High Definition and D1 Resolution Intelligent Encoding IP cameras.

Our Strategy — Custom Acceleration from Standard C.

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