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Bucharest, Romania, 1 bis Lacul Tei Blvd., 1st floor, District 2

Phone :  (+4) 021 211 0999

KAAS DEFENSE a Romanian company that successfully integrated reputed brands into smart security solutions in order to bring an accurate quality response to any identified threat against our customer’s properties.

However, as “security” revealed different perspective approach for each new client, KAAS DEFENSE was smartly crossing the fine line between security measures and tools & marketing needs of our customers achieving in that way the highest possible position above any competition.

We’ve discovered within our extensive research that same information & tools can successfully be used in both direction, (marketing & security) offering in the same time major advantages to our clients, consisting of real time information, budget reducing opportunities and so on.

Because also the competition is very high between all different CCTV suppliers and integration software too, we have chosen the ones able to provide what we do consider to be essential to our research.

Today, together with our partners AXIS Communication and AxxonSoft we are developing solutions that fits perfectly to any Retail market.

In other words we chose AXIS for the quality of the image of cameras, for their proprietary technology in streaming videos (mainly) and AXXON for its unlimited possibilities of usable metadata in both direction in the same time; Marketing & Security.