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Green IT Korea

B-1118, Tera Tower 2, 201, Songpa-daero, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea

Phone :  +82-31-721-5661
Fax :  +82-31-624-5619
Web:  www.greenitkr.com

Green IT Korea is a leading manufacturer specialized in developing security products including followings;  

  • Mobile Convergence Active CCTV System for emergency response using GIS map-based video monitoring and mobile solution
  • Video Integrated Access Control System for integrated CCTV system connected with access control system which can watch/manage visitors
  • Visualized emergency broadcasting system for emergency response through prompt and exact situation management by using audiovisual announcement system
  • License Plate Recognition Camera (LPR Camera) with edge-based technology

Just like Silk Road introduced people the first paper in the world, Steam locomotive gave an idea how to move faster and Apollo made the first step outside the earth, the world has been continuously changed whenever it has recognized “The first thing”.  Green IT Korea has developed and supplied various kinds of security products in Korean domestic market as well as in foreign countries, creating highest value by combining cutting edge technology with existing technology.  

With the year of 2019 coming, Green IT Korea will expand the business territory especially in  international markets, as a starting point of convergence innovation by thinking twice and putting our step ahead of others.

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