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Box 54 - Fagerstagatan 18A 163 91 Spеnga Stockholm, Sweden
Delivery address: Domnarvsgatan 2 port 8., 163 53 Spеnga.
Anixter Sverige AB EA Rosengrens Gata 32 - 421 32 Vдstra Frцlunda Gцteborg, Sweden

Phone :  +46 85 8760300
+46 31 899535

Anixter helps build, connect, power and protect valuable assets and critical infrastructures. From enterprise networks, to industrial MRO supply, to video surveillance applications and electric power transmission and distribution, Anixter offers full-line solutions—and intelligence—that create reliable, resilient systems that can sustain your business and community. Through their unmatched global distribution network, supply chain management expertise and technical know-how, they drive efficiency and effectiveness to benefit your bottom line.

Security Products:

  • Video Surveillance
  • Access control solutions
  • Enclosure based access control
  • Asset Tracking solutions
  • Network Management Solutions
  • Room and Perimeter Security Solutions
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