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Ocuvision ApS

Address : Bjerggårdsvænget 5, 2840 Gl. Holte
Phone : +45 8988 6969
Web : www.ocuvision.dk

Ocuvision is established in 2018. We sell AxxonSoft-based Video Management Software solutions (VMS) both directly and through strategically selected partners. We have many years of experience working with complex IT infrastructure and designing VMS solutions - from operation, design, delivery, installation to subsequent technical service and support.

We believe that companies that work with consulting and selling complex VMS solutions must be 100% supplier focused, if partners and end-customers are to have full value of their VMS solution. And that is exactly what we are doing in Ocuvision - we focus on VMS solutions from one of the market's leading VMS software manufacturers, namely AxxonSoft.

Our focus and many years of experience working with AxxonSoft solutions means, that we are the absolutely strongest AxxonSoft partner in the Nordic region and that we can offer advice to our partners and their customers on how to get the most value from the intelligent use of VMS solutions.