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Intrepid II System integration module

The Intrepid II System integration module allows sharing information about events and alarms involving Intrepid MicroPoint II perimeter security systems, MicroTrack II buried cable intrusion detectors, and MicroWave 330 digital microwave links produced by Southwest Microwave with the Intellect PSIM, creating a unified integrated security system powered by AxxonSoft software.

The Intrepid II System integration module connects Intrepid II perimeter security systems with ACFA Intellect, enabling configuration, monitoring and management.

The following controller models are integrated in ACFA Intellect:

Intrepid II processor modules allow pinpointing pinpointing intrusion locations with exceptional accuracy, to within 3 meters on a segment of 250 meters. The intrusion site is displayed on the map in Intellect as an animated icon.

Here are just some of functionalities integrated:

These events may trigger a range of response scenarios:

Download Intrepid Integration Module Data sheet

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