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Publications on Axxon in the press

Is facial recognition technology the end of the security guard?


When a three-year-old was recently kidnapped in Shenzhen, China, it took a matter of hours for the offender to be tracked down and the child to be reunited with his parents.

Everyone's On Board with IP Analytics


Until recently, IP surveillance cameras sent only a multimedia stream to video management software, using well-defined formats and a fixed set of compression/decompression tools. So cooperation between video hardware manufacturers and software developers was stuck in a rut of sorts.

Video Management Software Helps Bank to Secure Their Most Vulnerable Installations


Banks are a type of business that devotes special attention to security. One of the reasons for this is that having a good reputation is very important to them. Banks use video surveillance systems for both security purposes and gathering information needed for handling customer complaints. So it is not only necessary to equip bank offices with these systems, but also ATMs that are often situated far from each other and from bank branches.

Murat Altuev: Throughout the world people are placing more and more trust in Axxon


The president of AxxonSoft, Russias largest software provider for security and video surveillance systems, discusses trends in the video surveillance market and new developments in the company

New Generation Video Surveillance System


AxxonSoft is launching the first Product of this new generation Axxon Smart Pro. This Professional video monitoring system for small to medium facilities incorporates a number of innovative developments of AxxonSoft for the first time. Combining the ease of operation with powerful tools for analytics and automation, Axxon Smart Pro sets a new functionality standard for this Product category.

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