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Satel integration module

The Satel integration module allows sharing information about events and alarms between Satel alarm systems and the Intellect PSIM, enabling creation of AxxonSoft-powered security systems that consolidate diverse hardware in a single software interface.

The Satel integration module supports the following functions:

Integra 64 and Integra 128 control panel main boards, as well as CA-64 powered zone expansion modules and CA-64 O-R output expansion modules, can now be integrated with ACFA Intellect.

Integra control panel main boards, with 16 to 128 zones depending on model, enable building smart home and access control systems. Integra-based systems can be managed via touchscreen keypad, keyboard, keychains and proximity cards, and remotely via computer or mobile device.

The CA-64 zone expansion module allows adding 8 zones with support for NO, NC, EOL and 2EOL. The 1.2A power unit provides extra electricity for alarm devices.

The CA-64 O-R output expansion module adds capacity for 8 additional outputs.

Here are just some of functionalities integrated:

These events may trigger a range of response scenarios:

Download Satel Integration Module Data sheet

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