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Paradox integration module

The Paradox integration module allows sharing information about incidents and alarms between Digiplex EVO Paradox hardware and the Intellect PSIM, enabling creation of AxxonSoft-powered security systems that consolidate diverse hardware in a single software interface.

Digiplex EVO systems provide access control at sites with heightened security requirements: banks, military/law enforcement facilities, and more. Digiplex EVO systems are easy to use and, thanks to their modular architecture, allow clients to select the precise features that meet the needs of a particular site.

Integration support has been added in ACFA Intellect for EVO192 and EVO48 control panels, K641/K641R keyboards, and the ACM12 access control module.

Here are just some of functionalities integrated:

The integration Digiplex EVO Paradox hardware offers enhanced and effective alarm response scenarios:

The integration module currently supports configuration of some of the settings available on Digiplex EVO hardware. For other settings, use the tools provided by the manufacturer: keyboards and Winload software (more details are available in the manufacturer's documentation).

Download Paradox Integration Module Data sheet

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