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The latest trends discussed at Security China 2018


Today, China is the world’s largest market for video surveillance and accounts for more than 40% of the industry's world revenues. Company presence in China is strategically important in order to keep on top of the latest trends and to take advantage of rapid growth.

Acknowledging this fact, AxxonSoft participated in the 14th China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security or "Security China 2018", held in Beijing from October 23rd to 26th.

Thousands visited the four-day exhibition where AxxonSoft presented the latest innovations in video management software, featuring:

Ryan Ong “This is the first time AxxonSoft has exhibited independently in China. During this exhibition, we introduced our products — Axxon Next VMS and Intellect PSIM — to the Chinese market, demonstrating our determination to develop in China. This has been a very successful exhibition for us,”

— said Ryan Ong, Business Development Manager for AxxonSoft.

Muhamed Kazanov “China is a known global leader and continues to push the boundaries in technological innovation, especially in the security sector. Being part of this exhibition is eye-opening, and I am honored that AxxonSoft innovation is competing on the big stage. We also value the opportunity to meet our strategic partners, such as Hikvision and Dahua, to work together to continue to bring innovation to the industry,”

— AxxonSoft Business Development Director Muhamed Kazanov added.

Highlights from this exhibition included:

  • A demonstration of the fully-functional Axxon Next integration with Hikvision Celeron-based NVR.
  • Showcasing deep camera integration with Hikvision and Dahua, displaying embedded analytics support, including transmitting metadata to a video surveillance server from the camera, thus significantly reducing CPU usage.
  • The main trend of the exhibition was deep learning analytics, giving AxxonSoft the perfect opportunity to present AI-based human and car recognition technology.

Visitors continued to be impressed by AxxonSoft's high level of accuracy in fire and smoke detection, just one of the many ways in which AxxonSoft is using Deep Learning technology in video surveillance.

Murat Altuev “We are truly happy that we entered the Chinese market. This is the No.1 market in the world both in terms of volume and technology. Our presence here means that we're at the leading edge of technological progress. But it's also the most challenging market for software companies. The fact that not a single Western vendor is exhibiting here just goes to show how hard it is to compete with local producers.
But the same can be said for Russia; there are practically zero Western software companies in our industry there. That's why we're confident that we can successfully compete in China. We opened two offices this year — one in Shanghai and the other in Hong Kong — and we've already started work on some interesting, large-scale projects.
I don't doubt that we'll be successful here and our accomplishments in China will help our company reach new heights in the tech sphere,”

— Murat Altuev, AxxonSoft's CEO, shared.

We would like to thank the event organizers and attendees for their support and look forward to keeping in touch in the future.

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