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IKEA-Parnassus trade center, a video surveillance system based on the Intellect platform installed by RIKOD


RIKOD specialist staff have installed a video surveillance based on the Intellect system at the IKEA-Parnassus trade center in St. Petersburg.

The system comprises six Intellect based servers hosting 16 channels, 6 fps each . High resolution Panasonic color cameras feed top quality video images. Cameras in thermo-casing are set along the perimeter of the territory, and standard cameras are used inside the trade center. Auto-zoom lenses enable to adjust the view angle of a camera, which is essential for large buildings. The system also features WV-CS574 Domical HS cameras.

Panasonic equipment is not a random choice. AxxonSoft and Panasonic have been fostering technological bonds for a quite a while. Analog and digital Panasonic cameras are widely used in installations, based on AxxonSoft software.

Currently RIKOD specialist staff are installing a video surveillance system based on the Intellect platform at the IKEA-Dybenko trade center.

IKEA Group is the largest producer and retailer of furniture and household items in the world and is committed to environmental protection. A lot of wood goes into IKEA products and so the company focuses its efforts on forest preservation. IKEA cooperates with forest-protection organizations, such as the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and the WRI (World Resources Institute). Together with the WRI, IKEA held a wide-ranging campaign aimed at mapping virgin forests that are the so-called Earth lungs. For this purpose IKEA allocated 2.5 million US dollars.


RIKOD LLC has been operating in the security devices market since 2005. Their track record over these years stands out with landmark projects at Moscow hotel, Heineken brewery, CitiBank CJSC , Nota Bank OJSC , Lanenergo OJSC, Golden Garden casino , Lebedjansky OJSC etc.

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