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Intellect at Sibneft-Krasnoyarsknefteproduct petrolium stations


Fuel stationIn 2007 2008 Sibneft-Krasnoyarsknefteproduct company management decided to improve video surveillance at their fuel stations. In result at several fuel stations of Sibneft-Krasnoyarsknefteproduct, that are located in Krasnoyarsk and its region, video surveillance systems on the basis of AxxonSoft Intellect were installed by Polynom-K company.

Polynom-K company had to solve the following tasks:

  • video monitoring of petrolium stations;
  • video monitoring of cash transactions with synchronization of video and receipt information;
  • audio monitoring of operator-client communication.

The customer decided on the Intellect software suite. The choice was guided by internal regulations for video surveillance systems and decided upon after a number of consultative meetings with Polynom-K.

Polynom-K turned in the best bid to mount the video surveillance systems. The main selection criteria at the bidding were the best value for money with regard to functionality and top-notch specialists certified by AxxonSoft.

The delivered systems include:

  • video subsystem with 12 (16) channels, 6 fps;
  • POS monitoring software;
  • audio processing software;
  • Indoor/outdoor color and BW video cameras. Microphones and power supply units.

Video surveillance cameras at the petrolium stations cover the entry and exit driveways; fuel distribution pipes; outdoor Mobile Card terminal and cash tray, which is used for over-the-counter transactions at night time; fuel tanks; the main entrance and emergency exits at the petrolium station; as well as the shop interior.

To monitor POS cash transactions, a video camera is directed at the operators counter. The Mobile Card specialized software installed on the POS terminal helps to handle cards at the petrolium station cash register. A specialized POS kit is used to synchronize the video with the information on the receipts. The operator desk is monitored via a microphone.

Sibneft-Krasnoyarsknefteproduct security staff can retrieve and review video footage from the video systems archive via a remote workstation.

The new video surveillance system has proven to be a reliable means of monitoring and providing security at the sites. Besides, it boosted the quality of client service.

Polynom-K executed all the mounting and setup works of the Intellect video surveillance systems professionally and in a timely manner. Their work was appreciated by Sibneft-Krasnoyarsknefteproduct in this testimonial.


Polynom-K specializes in integrated automation systems, security and communication solutions. It provides design, setup and service for the delivered systems.

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