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Intellect makes a splash with ONVIF Profile G integration


Intellect makes a splash with ONVIF Profile G integration

Clients running the Axxon Intellect PSIM support ONVIF Profile G as of December 23, 2015. ONVIF is an open standard that makes it easier to integrate surveillance software with third-party cameras.

ONVIF Profile G defines the requirements for onboard video storage and retrieval. There are currently more than 360 ONVIF Profile G compliant cameras, NVR and encoders listed at www.onvif.org. Intellect clients can effectively talk to the edge storage on these IP devices.

Now with ONVIF Profile S and Profile G incorporated in the Intellect PSIM, all devices conforming to ONVIF can be added to video surveillance systems powered by Intellect.

This ONVIF integration requires Intellect Enterprise version 4.9.7 or later.

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