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AxxonSoft launches version 5.1 of Auto Intellect LPR and Traffic Monitoring module


Version 5.1 of the Auto Intellect module is now available from developer AxxonSoft. Highlights in the new version include improved recognition quality.

What's New in Auto Intellect 5.1:

  • Performance of the Carmen algorithm has been optimized for multicore CPUs. License plate recognition has been expanded to include new countries: Egypt, China, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Singapore, Philippines.
  • Quality of license plate recognition has been improved for certain regions: Guatemala, Morocco, Pakistan, USA, South America, Arabic script, Latin script, Mongolian script, Thai script.
  • Support for external databases has been improved: license plate numbers in external databases can now be edited and deleted..
  • Recognition quality for cargo containers has been improved.
  • The selector window and editing of vehicle classification rules have been improved in the Traffic Detector module.
  • New features have been implemented in the Traffic Violations Detection module: crosswalks can be subdivided, Stopped on Crosswalk violations are detected, and additional photographs from survey cameras can be saved.

Learn more about the new features in Auto Intellect 5.1 and view the release notes at Downloads page.

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