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Mustek expands AxxonSoft distribution network in South Africa


Mustek expands AxxonSoft distribution network in South Africa

Thursday, 31 October 2013 saw the latest expansion to AxxonSofts distribution network in southern Africa, with the addition of Mustek Limited as a distributor. The launch event in the Mustek auditorium, at Musteks head office in Midrand (just outside Johannesburg, South Africa), was attended by a variety of integrators and consultants and met with the same levels of excitement that have become commonplace at such events.

Mustek is one of the oldest and largest distributors of IT equipment in South Africa. The companys security division is a distributor of Mobotix and other leading camera brands. For more information about Mustek and its proven track record of solution formulation and superior technical expertise, visit www.mustek.co.za.

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