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Smart video surveillance system based on the Axxon Intellect platform installed at Burger King


Smart video surveillance system based on the Axxon Intellect platform installed at Burger King

Burger King is a world-famous chain that vies with McDonald's for fast food supremacy. The first Burger King restaurant opened in 1954 in Miami. Today, the American chain is present in almost all countries worldwide, having opened its first Russian restaurant in 2010. The company is currently second on the Russian market in terms of sales.

Recently it decided to equip its restaurants with a smart video surveillance and security system, for effective management of cash registers, client areas, and outdoor premises. Axxon Intellect was selected as the software core for the system. AvantTech, a long-time AxxonSoft partner with over eight years of experience in providing integrated security to small and large businesses as well as to individuals, was chosen for the role of installer. Partners were to evaluate site vulnerability and develop the appropriate response, selecting, acquiring, installing, and maintaining equipment for video surveillance and access control.

Axxon Intellect's broad feature set allowed both monitoring restaurant security from anywhere in the world and performing other important tasks: analyzing and cross-checking receipts, identifying suspicious cashier transactions, and more.

The Intellect-powered surveillance system is currently installed and operational at nine Burger King sites. Of these, seven are located in Moscow and Moscow Region, one in Smolensk, and another in Yaroslavl Region. It is planned to install similar systems at all new Burger King restaurants.

About the partner. AvantTech is a well-knit team of like-minded professionals who guarantee their customers, corporations and individual clients, quality services in the following areas: radio security and monitoring of real estate, satellite security and monitoring of vehicles, installation and maintenance of surveillance systems, vehicle fleet monitoring and logistics, personal monitoring devices (emergency buttons), access control systems. The company started with providing remote vehicle security services and then expanded its business into new spheres to become one of the major players in the comprehensive security services market.

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