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Axxon Intellect Enterprise Installed at Kaluga Mechanical Plant


Axxon Intellect Enterprise Installed at Kaluga Mechanical Plant

Mechanical plant 35 is a metal processing enterprise manufacturing metal constructions of any complexity. The plant chiefly produces equipment for gas production and transmission industries.

The plant which covers an area of 14 hectares is situated in the industrial center of Kaluga, Russia, at the citys major highway junction and has its own railway line. It employs more than 1000 staff.

Prior to the installation no video surveillance systems had been employed at its premises. The plants management had therefore set forth a task to build a system that would provide centralized video monitoring at personnel and transport entry/exit checkpoints. The system was to track entries/exits of employees and automobile transport.

For these purposes, an Axxon Intellect Enterprise platform was set up comprising one video server, 3 outdoor and 2 indoor video cameras.

Thanks to the chosen solution the plants security service was now able to react timely to contingencies emerging at the checkpoints and to later analyze them in detail by viewing Axxon Intellect Enterprise video archive records.

The management notes an improvement in staffs discipline at the entry/exit checkpoints and a decrease in the number of access control violations.

About the partner.The Stella scientific and production company Ltd. develops, installs and supports integrated security systems and distributed systems of paid access. Using cutting edge technologies, the company has been creating and implementing the systems all over Russia and the CIS countries since 2000.

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