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Delta Plus Company production site, Axxon Professional intelligent video surveillance system, installer: SAB Company


SAB (Specialnoe Agentstvo Bezopsanosti) company team have just finished installation and commissioning of a video surveillance system for a Delta Plus company production site. SAB is an active Axxon partner operating in Magnitogorsk area. The site comprises numerous warehouses, production shops, car depots and fuel storage area - all this demand extra security measures to protect the facility. Numerous tenants and vehicles accessing the site for cargo delivery and materials circulation made it necessary to install a powerful and effective video surveillance system here.

The main expectations of the customer were highest possible image quality along with good visibility in night conditions. For this purpose, Axxon Professional enabled video server has been applied. Its 3 Tb storage capacity allows keeping archive footage for over 30 days. 25 CCTV cameras have been installed to control site perimeter, main gates and inner premises. All cameras have around 600 TV lines resolution and down to 0.006 lux sensitivity.

To maximize operators' viewing capabilities, several color day/night CCTV cameras have been deployed. Axis 221 IP camera was mounted over entrance gate to provide 12 fps high quality feed for license plates recognition.

Some cameras were at more than 300 meters form the server; to correct cabling losses, SAB specialists used Sebox balancing video amps for UTP. Sebox lightning protection unit have been applied as well.

All camera feeds are routed to a couple of 19 LCD monitors located at security control center where remote workplace is deployed. During the system setup and commissioning process, there were two theft incidents hot-spotted.

About the Partner: SAB (Specialnoe Agentstvo Bezopsanosti) is a fast growing company specializing in complex security projects based on high technologies, top security systems and components from world and national leading vendors.

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