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Electronika Bank Branch Office in Tula, Axxon Enterprise system, installer: UNIMAX


Electronika Bank Branch Office in Tula, Axxon Enterprise system, installer: UNIMAX

UNIMAKS had installed an integrated security system in Electronika bank branch office in Tula. The system has been built upon Axxon Enterprise platform from Axxon (former ITV).

VIDEOMAXi-16-8 server from UNIMAX runs Axxon Enterprise software having 16 cameras connected at 8 fps each. Indoor dome cameras are mounted in hemisphere cases to match the interior style which is important for the bank to produce proper impression on clients. All corridors, staircases and transactions area are fully covered with monitoring. Outdoor high resolution cameras having extra sensitivity are mounted into weatherproof cases to control the perimeter. The cameras are equipped with varifocal lenses for tighter control of view angles. Along with video surveillance, there are access control, intruder alarm and video intercom systems deployed on site.

Electronika bank has very high requirements level to its newly opened branches – towards both management and technical components of the unit. UNUMAX installer had been chosen in order to unify the technical means of security throughout all the branches network. Having corporate standard of security system solutions, it reduces tech support and maintenance costs, and maximizes employees' abilities to use the equipment. And the main advantage of such a standard is its ability to support an integration of all branches into one single security system managed from the head office.

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