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Yuzhny grocery store, POS Axxon Enterprise system, installer: Specialnoe Agentstvo Bezopasnosti


Specialnoe Agentstvo Bezopasnosti specialists had finished another point-of-sale video control system based on Axxon (former ITV)'s POS-Intellect this time in Yuzhny grocery store. Three CCTV cameras are used for cashiers operations video control while nine cameras cover the retail area.

POS-Intellect is a video control system specially intended for loss prevention due to employees' mistakes, shoplifting and cashiers' fraud as well as for provision of video evidence in dispute cases.

Real time surveillance allows the operator to monitor one or several cashiers' workplaces at once. The video image can be zoomed, and still frames can be printed. POS control is possible from any remote location via LAN, mobile or POTS Internet connection.

The system installed had already helped to solve a 70,000 roubles mobile phone payment card theft case. A youngsters group had been captured by cameras in their criminal action. Specialnoe Agentstvo Bezopasnosti exported video footage for police investigation, and all malefactors had been caught soon.

About the partner. Specialnoe Agentstvo Bezopasnosti (the Russian for "Special Security Agency") is a fast growing company focusing on high tech integrated security provision applying leading vendors technologies and hardware.

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