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GROSSMART supermarket, Kazan, Leningradskaya street, installer: SVS PROJECT


GROSSMART supermarket, Kazan, Leningradskaya street, installer: SVS PROJECT

SVS PROJECT company had installed video surveillance and POS control systems in another supermarket of GROSSMART national network situated on Leningradskaya street in Kazan. The system installed is based upon Video7 and POS-Intellect products from Axxon (former ITV).

The supermarket is situated on Leningradskaya street in Kazan. There are four POS terminals in the entire facility, making this supermarket belong to A class by GROSSMART inner classification. Standard security scheme for this class consists of 2 video servers and 19 CCTV cameras. The cameras are covering shelves, zones before and after cashier terminals, service spaces, loading dock and sales area entrance. Operator's workplace had been set at one of the two servers.

About the Client. GROSSMART retail network covers 17 cities in Russian Federation.

About the Partner. SVS PROEKT is a market leader in security systems implementation and retail loss prevention. The company develops, designs, supplies, installs, maintains and consults on any kind of digital and analog video surveillance, POS control, facial and license plate recognition, access control, fire/intruder alarm and other systems. SVS customers include Mir Produktov, SPAR, Billa, GROSSMART, Mecado, Petrovski, Center-Service and MAKSSITI retail networks, some petrol stations networks and Krestovski, Ramenskoe, Okean and Arbuz standalone supermarkets. SVS PROEKT is an Axxon (former ITV) partner certified for Intellect, POS-Intellect and Video7 applications.

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