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COCA COLA warehouses, Video7 system, installer: SVS PROEKT


COCA COLA warehouses, Video7 system, installer: SVS PROEKT

SVS PROEKT company installed Video7 based video surveillance system in Coca-Cola finished product warehouse. An open location of about 7,000 square meters is used for product distribution.

The first stage of system deployment established control over vehicles traffic and office premises. Video intercom system has been installed along with electronic locks, five CCTV cameras (including one color camera) and 16 channel video server. The color camera covers loading area, a monochrome camera covers the rest of outer territory, and 3 cameras are installed in office rooms. Spare server channels are reserved for second stage of the project when it comes to provide tighter control over storage areas.

The system installed provided security officers with all needed tools of monitoring the area inside and outside the office and storage zone to fight losses. During the first week of operation, several cloakroom theft cases were solved.

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