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Termy company, Video7 system, iinstaller: Kemservis


Termy company, Video7 system, iinstaller: Kemservis

Kemservis installed Video7 based video surveillance system in a wellness center owned by Termy company.

A video server installed is capable of 14 video channels digitizing at 8 fps each providing motion triggered recording; archive storage time is more than 7 days. A failure-proof data storage system protects video footage from both internal server malfunctions and power losses. Mitron analog high resolution cameras with Computar lenses cover service areas and corridors, rest room, bar and perimeter. Outdoor surveillance cameras are capable of IR functioning while indoor cameras deliver high quality images with illumination down to 0.1 lux. 5 remote workplaces have been provided being controlled by internal user rights management system; any workplace can be configured for footage export to DVD.

Kemservis company performs security and safety framework concepts development, integrated systems installation and maintenance.

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