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Bio Beauty Shop, SmartVideo I system, installer: Sistemy Sviazi


Bio Beauty Shop, SmartVideo I system, installer: Sistemy Sviazi

Sistemy Sviazi, an official Axxon (former ITV) partner, just finished another installation of a video surveillance system based on very affordable and popular product SmartVideo from Axxon (former ITV). Bio beauty shop owned by Elena Zverianskaya has been provided with three ceiling-mounted GCD dome cameras.

The customer requested for a system capable of both clients monitoring and personnel operations control. Image transmission via LAN and remote monitoring had to be provided giving the client high quality images, stable system operation, ease of use, convenient archive management and no less than 10 days of storage time.

Elena Zverianskaya, the shop owner, shares her positive impressions of the system installed highlighting high image quality and affordability: "Each decent business man must provide security of his business being aware of everything happening on site even when being away".

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