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ALIR Elite Club hospitality complex in Zhitomir, Axxon Enterprise integrated platform, installer: BSI Group


ALIR Elite Club hospitality complex in Zhitomir, Axxon Enterprise integrated platform, installer: BSI Group

BSI Group, Ukrainian Axxon (former ITV) partner from Zhitomir, continues its operations on hospitality and entertainment markets providing hotels, amusement sites and night clubs with security systems built upon Axxon (former ITV) product line. In June 2007, BSI installed an integrated security system in ALIR Elite Club, the largest local hospitality complex consisting of a hotel and two restaurants as well as beauty shop, aroma saloon, sauna, massage cabins and cigar smoking hall.

By means of this system, the owners intended to provide top level of security to the customers observing client traffic, luggage and other property, personnel; operations and service quality. A task for the installer was to build an integrated security system covering all 4 floors of the building and surrounding areas with video surveillance, access control and burglary alarm.

In search of the most efficient solution to manage the integrated security system, Axxon Enterprise platform had been chosen. Another reason of choice was its great capabilities of integration with different equipment from different brands. Indoor cameras were color high resolution units from КТ&C, Panasonic cameras were placed outside the building being mounted in thermal cases. The system had been integrated with PowerMax PPC based alarm system fully controllable via Axxon Enterprise GUI.

The Axxon Enterprise-based security system protects customers and their property as well as facility's assets. The hotel administration has got a very easy-to-use optimization tool for personnel management, and the security department got a complete set of instruments to provide complex guests with peace of mind, safety and comfort. Axxon Enterprise system users noted wide integration capabilities as one of the strengths of the system.

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