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KORA-5 Supermarket, Axxon Enterprise-based Security System, Installer: Kemservis


Kemservis installer company has just finished an installation of a video surveillance/POS control system in KORA-5 supermarket in Gostiny Dvor shopping centre in Kemerovo.

The system is based on two Axxon (former ITV) products: Intellect and POS-Intellect. Eleven remote workplaces has been deployed having following sets of functions: 2 workstations are intended for POS surveillance of 12 cahiers; 5 stations 16 channels each are covering the sales area; 3 workplaces are reserved for PTZ cameras control; the rest workplace is an archive management center giving access to all channels (no less than 36 6fps channels per each interface screen). The system uses 85 analog cameras 51color and 14 monochrome covering all supermarket premises and surrounding areas; outdoor cameras are vandal resistant. A flexible image viewing tool has been provided to group cameras images on remote workplaces' monitors.

Two servers are incorporated into an open 19-inch powered 1U rack with cascade switch that allows direct administering of both servers from the same set of controls. 6 fps recording is triggered by motion sensors having pre-alarm recording set to 5 seconds. Archive lifecycle does not drop below 30 days at 352x288 resolution (standard) or 15 days at 724x288 (high) while in PAL.

About the partner: Kemservis from Kemerovo is an Axxon (former ITV) partner specializing in security solutions tailored to each client's needs; it produces integrated security systems, integrates them into site management infrastructure and provides systems maintenance.

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