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Panavto-Yug Motor Showroom: Video7 Video Surveillance System Installed by Systemy Sviazi Company from Rostov-on-Don


The security system installed in Panavto-Yug motor showroom has been built upon 32 channel version of Axxon (former ITV)'s Video7. At present, 13 outdoor and 6 indoor cameras have been deployed. Total frame rate is 6 fps; 5 remote workplaces have been provided. Germikom and GKB cameras applied.

The system incorporates EX-35T and DX-60 IR motion sensors to control key areas. Video transmission over IP network has been provided along with selected areas remote control option. The customer now gets higher degree of service quality and personnel actions control along with overall level of site specific security. Several staff employees have been authorized to perform remote control over key areas.

Systemy Sviazi company is present on local security market since 2002 having high growth rates. The engineering staff is systematically trained increasing expertise and skills in installation and maintenance of all kinds of security systems. Company's service record includes numerous sites of different sizes: from smaller offices and stores to larger enterprise-scale solutions.

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